Posi-Tap Connectors 12-18 Ga.

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Posi-Products connectors help make your electrical connections fast, easy, and reliable with no crimping, soldering, or messy tape. Just strip your stranded wires, insert them in the connectors , and then hand tighten — the wire ends get locked between opposing cone shapes to create a water-, dirt-, vibration-, and heat-proof housing.

Posi Tap 643 is a 6 pack of the BLACK 12-18 Ga. connectors, in bulk.

Posi-Tap® Mini Taps 12-18 ga. 6 pcs
Accessory Lead: 12-18 ga.

Please note: Tap is now straight as in the sizing diagram, not tapered anymore.

You get a strong, low-resistance electrical connection, and you can reuse the connectors, too!! They require no crimping.

Connectors simpily hand tighten. An electrical connector that meets the needs of todays OEM's, and is so good, it's reusable. Truly a connector for the 21st century.

Before Posi-Products No Crimp Connectors arrival in 1997, the majority of electrical connectors, wire connectors, butt connectors and crimp connectors in general were all crimp connectors. Electrical connectors, butt connectors, wire connectors and crimp connectors all required smashing metal over two wire ends and hoping it held.

Posi-Products invented a better way to connect wires with their line of no crimp connectors. Unlike crimp type wire connectors, butt connectors & electrical connectors, Posi-Products No Crimp Connectors do not require tools to connect wires. Posi-Products No Crimp Connectors do not vibrate loose as the majority of electrical connectors, wire connectors, butt connectors and crimp connectors tend to do.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Better than crimping and more convenient than heat shrink. A bit of electric tape around the posi tap is another level of security if you’re worried about it coming unscrewed.

Mark S
Received quickly but not in advertised package

My order arrived really fast. However, the items were not packed as indicated on the website but sent lose in a ziplock bag with the fuse holders i ordered.

First timer

Quality, easy to use, fast connection, no damage to wiring, reusable, what more can you ask for. Nice pkg size as it accommodates many wire sizes.

Note: these are sold in bulk - not in pkg

Posi-Tap Connectors

These connectors are great I have been using them for a couple of years now. My recent order was to stock up for my upcoming two month trip to Mexico on my KLR 685. I have used them to hook up additional tail lamps and they would be invaluable to repair broken wires easily and without the need to carry soldering equipment.

Active Bimmer
1st time experience on online ordering

Great product! Installation is like a snap of a finger! All done in no time! Simple, minimum tool needed, especially when you're away from home base and not always has the right tool with you.

1st time experience on online ordering. Top-Notch service and response! Will sure order in the future! Keep up the great work guys!

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