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OUTLAW High Performance Cleanable Permanent Oil Filter in Anodized Black

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OUTLAW High Performance Oil Filter

Anodized Black

HiFlow Reusable Filter is the Last Oil Filter You Will Need to Buy



  • Cleanable and Reusable

  • Proven Technology - Meets/Exceeds Manufacturers Specifications

  • Medical Grade 304 Stainless-Steel Filter Flows 7 Times More Oil than a paper filter

  • Reduced Oil Pump Drag = Increased Power to Rear Wheel

  • Provides Faster Oil Pressure at Startup

  • Billet Housing Fins Help Drop the Temperature of the Oil Via Heat Dissipation

  • Integrated Magnet Prefilters the Oil

  • Reduces/Eliminates Bypass of Unfiltered Oil Found on Standard paper filters

  • Pressure Tested to 1000 psi.

  • No More Cutting Apart Filters for Inspection

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Drilled wrench nut for easy removal, includes safety wire hole required at most race tracks

  • Save $ - Superior Oil Filtration - Increased HP & Torque - Cooler Running Engine

More Details:

The Outlaw High Performance filter offers many features not found in standard paper filters. Outstanding performance is obtained by their high flow rates, magnetic pre-filtering, consistent filtering medium, billet outer housing which aids in cooling the oil, and a unique progressive rate bypass which avoids unfiltered oil bypassing the filter at startup, and high-rpm operation — a major concern with standard paper filters.

At the heart of the filter is a medical grade 304 stainless-steel micronic cloth filter designed to pass a large volume of oil when compared to standard paper filters. The cloth is designed to filter out particles 35 microns or larger. (35 microns is below the limit of human visibility)

Before you start with the, “my filter is rated at 5 microns and it filters way better,” you need to understand just how the micron rating applies to oil filters.  The HD OEM filters and aftermarket paper filters are rated on averages, percentages and multiple passes, so a 10-micron-rated paper filter may be letting particles 100 microns and larger through. The medical grade stainless steel cloth they use in their filters is consistent across the entire surface and is rated at 35 microns, meaning nothing larger than 35 microns will pass through the material, it is an absolute, with paper filters, the rating is an average.  Additionally, paper filters have a bypass, so on startup & high RPM the oil is not being filtered at all!

Easy to remove with a socket.  Cleaning the filter & the housing is easy- wash the stainless steel element in cleaning solvent, gasoline, kerosene, carburetor cleaner or any other degreasing agent.  Let air dry, or you can use compressed air.

There are two quad rings included.  A quad ring will typically last 3-5 oil changes.  Additional quad rings are available.  If you accidentally damage the stainless steel element, those are also available.

Because of the HiFlow characteristics of this Permanent Oil Filter, resulting in less oil pump drag, Dyno Runs consistently show an increase of 4-8 HP and an increase of 4-12 ft. lbs in Torque (Twin Cams). 

Quote from Hot Bike Magazine:

"Besides doing a superior job of cleaning and cooling the oil, independent testers doing back-to-back dyno comparisons of these reusable oil filters and an ordinary disposable, charted as much as an 8-horsepower bump along with 10 more lb-ft of torque."

    Fits All Harley's 1986-Up (Sportster, Twin Cam, Milwaukee-Eight, Big Twin Evo)*

*Does not fit 1986 FXWG, FXSB, FXEF

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