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James I
Great gloves, Awesome feel

The LP Deer Tours are fantastic. Buttery soft and truly amazing to ride in. Vs my previous gloves with palm sliders, knuckle armour etc I get a much better sensation of what my motorcycle is doing. To me the feel of what’s going on while riding is a huge step up over the somewhat bulky, and potentially restricting armoured options out there.

Alexander Sandahl
Would expect better workmanship

The quality of the leather and design of the gloves are great, but the index finger of one of the gloves has an odd twist. It only started after the third time wearing, so too late to exchange.

Scott Banman
As comfortable as a glove can get - right out of the box!

Firstly, Matt Dynes @ Motorcycle Innovations is excellent at customer service and, as a self-confessed motorcycle glove freak, very knowledgeable about his stuff. You will get great advice on gloves here.
The deerskin gloves are extremely soft and comfortable, and surprisingly cool and breathable. I bought the DeerTours for my wife who likes an under-the-cuff design which allows her to access her smartwatch. I also purchased a pair of the DeerSports and prefer that wind and rain will travel past my cuffs. I also find the gauntlet style easier to pull on. Another unexpected benefit of the tan palm is that it shows up better during the biker wave.
Can't talk up these gloves enough. There isn't a leather out there that is so tough yet affords such tactile sensitivity as these deerskins.

David Owen
Excellent gloves.

Good quality. Good fit. And you didn't mark them up excessively. I thought I got a fair deal. Thank you.

Paul Ledet

Order came quickly and it was packed well. The Deer tours felt great and were comfortably snug. Inside stitch on one pinky met another stitch line right on the side of my 1st knuckle and was a bit of an irritant for a few days but it seems to have worked it self out. Left thumb is a bit twisted as is the right index finger, but it doesn’t seem to affect the use of the glove. For the amount they charge though, and being “ Made in America” I would have hoped they were PERFECT. That said, I have worn them everyday since getting them. I wish they could work on touch screens though. I also ordered the Sumo R’s. Those seem very substantial gloves (too warm for now though) but I haven’t decided I f I will keep them.

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