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Constantin Starck
Warmth and comfort

These are my go-to gloves for West Coast winter and shoulder-season riding. When it rains, I cover them with a Gortex shell. When used with heated grips, the heat conduction effect is amazing. This is my second pair, my first being 7 years old and still going strong.

Remy (Québec)
Got one pair, want more, many more.

Leather quality - Sublime, flexibility, colors...
Finish - Outstanding. Seams? What seams
Comfort - I could (almost) sleep with them :)
It has become my new favorite pair of gloves. I just ordered the short summer version.

Not tested under heavy rain condition.

R. Ducharme
Great gloves!

Love these gloves... top quality.

Bryan Henderson
Lee Parks DeerSports PCi

I wanted some new gloves for riding in cooler temperatures.
I have both DeerSports and DeerTour gloves. The PCi gloves are sized the same as the other Lee Parks gloves. They are very slightly bulkier than DeerSports but still allow for good dexterity.
I have a tough time buying gloves due to fat hands with short fingers. These gloves fit perfectly with none of the too long finger issues I usually find with other gloves.
The first time I used these gloves I did a 500km ride with them and had no problems or sore knuckles like I get with most gloves that have carbon knuckle protectors.
Gloves are soft enough that no break in was needed but I'm sure they will give a little in time and mold to my hand a little better.
Temps ranged from 10-22 degrees. I did need the heated grips turned on below about 14 degrees. My hands are exposed to the breeze with no fairing for protection.
I was still comfortable over 20 degrees.
I would buy these again.

Nice gloves, albeit expensive

I bought these gloves for cold weather riding based on the reviews I read about their Outlast membrane. I wore them for the first time recently on a cold morning when the temperature dipped to 5 degrees Celsius in a deep valley, and they worked brilliantly in conjunction with the heated grips on my BMW F800R. I was pleasantly surprised that even my thumbs and the tips of my fingers stayed warm, a treat I never got to experience with other so-called cold-weather riding gloves. As a bonus, they are not all bulky and give a great feel of the throttle and other controls. The down side is that they are not waterproof and have no armour whatsoever. And they are quite expensive. But the comfort level and the quality of the leather and stitching are really top-notch. So this was for me money well spent. I should also mention that they were delivered super fast.

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