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Size: Medium
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Victor Egri
Loving them

I haven't used them on the bike yet, but so far they're the best feeling glove I've had. They fit like they're made for my hand, and loving the feel of the leather.

Scott Banman
As comfortable as a glove can get - right out of the box!

Firstly, Matt Dynes @ Motorcycle Innovations is excellent at customer service and, as a self-confessed motorcycle glove freak, very knowledgeable about his stuff. You will get great advice on gloves here.
The deerskin gloves are extremely soft and comfortable, and surprisingly cool and breathable. I bought the DeerTours for my wife who likes an under-the-cuff design which allows her to access her smartwatch. I also purchased a pair of the DeerSports and prefer that wind and rain will travel past my cuffs. I also find the gauntlet style easier to pull on. Another unexpected benefit of the tan palm is that it shows up better during the biker wave.
Can't talk up these gloves enough. There isn't a leather out there that is so tough yet affords such tactile sensitivity as these deerskins.

Domenico Gizzi
Lee Parks Design DeerSports

A late season purchase and I was not disapointed, these gloves are amazing with a nice feel and finish. My useage was for a one day 400 km ride before the temps dropped. They are well worth the price and I'm looking forward to2021 next riding season.

Lee Parks Design Deersports gauntlets

A very good set of gauntlets. The leather is soft, fit right away, you hardly know they are on. Delivery was very quick as well. Very satisfied with the Company and with the product.

James Barr
Quality Gloves

Got my Lee Parks DeerSports a few days ago and have used them on a few 100+ kilometer rides. Love the fit of these gloves! I used the sizing chart provided on the website and it is accurate. I normally take a size large, but measured as a medium using the sizing chart. Was a little worried they would be too small but they fit perfectly. The close fit provides dexterity missing with my other gloves. I can pick up a dime with these gloves. Also love the black back/tan palm colour scheme...very sharp! The quality, fit and comfort met my high expectations, given the high cost of these gloves. As usual, you get what you pay for. I should mention that when I first tried them on, I was a little concerned with the seam in the pinky finger which pinched a little. But this issue disappeared the first time I wore them on a ride. These gloves break in very quickly and have molded well to the shape of my hand. They also easily fit over the sleeves of my First Manufacturing leather jacket much better than any of my other gloves, which is why I bought them in the first place.

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