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Voltage: 13.2
Weight: 3.9lbs (1.8kg)
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 320
Peak Cranking Amps (PCA): 680
Amp Hour (1C Rate): 12.4
Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Case Size: C
Dimensions: 5.9" L x 3.4" W x 4.5" H
                    (150mm L x 86mm W x 115mm H)

The ETX36C is a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), starter battery with high cranking abilities. EarthX has an exclusive fully integrated battery management system (BMS) to protect the cells so you will have a premium performance battery and better longevity. The ETX-Series battery management system (BMS) protects the cells from over discharge, over charge, short circuit, heat (excessive cranking), and have built in cell balancing technology.

What is the difference between the ETX36C or the ETX36D and the ETZ14C for my snowmobile?

The ETX36C/D has 320CCA; weighs 3.9 pounds; has 12.4Ah capacity and has the full battery management system with a 2 year warranty. 

The ETZ14C has 330CCA; weighs 2.5 pounds; has 6.8Ah capacity and has the battery management system minus over discharge protection and excessive cranking protection so it will not cut off in cold weather starts with a 1 year warranty. This battery was designed for high cranking amps in the cold.

The ETX36C and the ETZ14C are both the exact same physical size but it is smaller than the ETX36D.

What’s included:

  • 1 x ETX36C
  • 2 x terminal adapters
  • 2 x 6mm screws
  • Foam for proper fitment

EarthX is USA based engineering company dedicated to continuous improvements to bring you the best possible battery.

   Click here to download the Product Specification Sheet

   Click here to download the Product Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Bruce Ramsey
The best batteries shipped fast

As always, great service from Matt at Motorcycle Innovations.
These high quality batteries are way lighter and stay charged way longer than the OEM batteries on our bikes. They are also smaller than OEM, but stick-on foam pads are included so the EarthX fits perfectly. Extra battery posts are included as well for side connections.
(Just be sure to get the right kind of charger for lithium batteries - the EarthX site will help you find it. A regular battery tender can destroy a lithium battery.)

Gary Mercer

Excellent service

Kris Petterson
Great product

Time will tell on battery performance, but it’s design, the packing and the speed at which it arrived was great.

Norman Brisson
So far, great purchase

I would definitively recommend this battery to anyone that wants to save weight and have power to turn over a hard to turn engine, namely my 1984 BMW R100 engine.

Norman Brisson
Best purchase

I have an Ultralight Trike run by a BMW R100 airhead twin engine that needs quite some starting power to turn over and the ETX36C does it effortlessly and of course needless to say its light weight is welcome for any flying machine. Highly recommended.

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