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Noise levels in a motorcycle helmet at 100kmh are typically 95-105dB. This is far above the widely accepted safe noise exposure level of 85dB, meaning you have between 15 minutes and 2 hours of riding before you risk tinnitus or other noise induced hearing loss symptoms.

Designed to fit into the ear and without catching the helmet liner, Crescendo Moto is a discrete reusable, universal fit hearing protector for helmet-generated noise, reducing it to safe levels yet still allowing speech to be heard from intercom speakers. While other hearing protection can sound muffled and unnatural, the Crescendo Moto provides full frequency noise reduction. The advanced filter design from DEC provides an open- air passage to the ear, minimizing occlusion effect while keeping the ear ventilated for optimum comfort.

General grime and road dirt will affect protective performance. Crescendo Moto overcomes this by being fully washable. Regular cleaning in warm water will ensure you receive the best performance from your Moto hearing protection.

Crescendo Moto reduces wind noise by a CE certified 24dB (Europe) and ANSI certified 16dB (North America), bringing it down to safe levels, which means you can concentrate on the road.

Crescendo Moto Ear Plugs are designed especially to protect motorcycle riders from hazardous noise. Motorcyclists obviously have to deal with the throaty roar of their own engines, but a running bike isn't the biggest hearing hazard riders face. The wind noise from even a comfortable cruise down the highway quickly turns into a big, bad, blasting assault on the eardrums. Worst of all, the noise-induced hearing damage all that sound exposure causes is cumulative and irreversible.

For serious riders, serious hearing protection is a must.

Depending on the bike and the speed it's going, motorcycles can put off anywhere between 80db-110db. (For reference, heavy city traffic generates about 82dB of ambient sound, and a jet engine taking off puts out about 130dB.) There's no denying bikes are loud. However, the duration of the sound matters, too: OSHA regulations allow for up to eight hours of exposure at 85dB in the workplace. Less exposure time means less risk. So is your bike causing you hearing damage? Quite possibly -- but as any experienced rider already knows, the real culprit is wind noise. Wind noise starts as a soft rush that increases drastically with speed. At 70 kph, the wind noise you hear is about as loud as the engine noise your bike puts out! At 85 kph, wind noise jumps to over 100dB of rushing sound, drowning out most other sounds. Stack that wind noise on top of the engine noise, and your ears are probably taking some serious punishment, even during short rides.

Crescendo Moto Ear Plugs tackle the hearing hazards motorcycle riders face thoroughly and intelligently. Crescendo Moto provides NRR 16 hearing protection, with up to 25dB of protection at some frequencies. That's just the right amount of noise blocking to keep your ears safe from that ravaging wind noise, while still allowing you to hear critical sounds such as traffic signals, alarms, and sirens. That situational awareness is critical for safety, especially for city riding. Crescendo Moto also features one of the lowest-profile fits available in a reusable ear plug, allowing Moto to be worn comfortably even under a full helmet. Two pairs of fit tips (along with one interchangeable pair of noise filters) allow you to find the perfect fit that is snug, effective, and comfortable enough for even the longest day on the road. Crescendo ear plugs can last for weeks or even months of frequent use, but maintenance is important: Crescendo Moto ear plugs should be washed frequently with warm water and soap, to remove road dust and keep the Moto ear plugs clean and effective.

Crescendo Moto has all your motorcycle hearing protection needs covered:

  • Cuts hazardous wind noise with minimal sound distortion
  • Protects your hearing while still allowing critical situational awareness
  • 2 pairs/sizes of fit tips ensure you'll get an effective seal against sound
  • Low-profile design fits easily under everything from caps to full helmets
  • Triple-flange tip design makes Moto comfortable enough for all-day rides
  • Low-profile black color
  • NRR 16

Crescendo Moto Package Includes:
2 sets of interchangeable tips (small and large)
1 set of interchangeable Moto sound filters
1 rugged aluminum screw-top carry case with key chain

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Doug Pace
Comfortable fit

At first try these seem to fit very well. I won't get an opportunity to try them on my motorcycle until next spring, but the fit and comfort are a good sign.

Michael Nicholson
Crescendo Moto Ear Plugs

I purchased these ear plugs for use on my MC hoping it would reduce wind noise but still allow me to hear my sound system while riding. I’ve had a chance to use these ear plugs on 2 longer MC rides of 500 and 600 kms at various speeds and riding conditions and am pretty impressed with the fit and comfort. Music was “clearish” and I had zero to very little wind fatigue with my hearing. An understandable trade off for maintaining hearing health.
The fit works well for me and will likely vary from person to person depending on ear canal size etc.
The ability to wash/clean and reuse was a strong selling point and so far it’s worked out very well.

Pete Bjerkelund

If your ear canal is smaller than usual, these earplugs will probably work. Probably good for children though. Very small. The silicone is thin and flimsy. Suggest buying the Pluggerz instead, which I did in the same order. Far better quality and fit. I used the aluminum case from the Cresendos (put won’t use their earplugs) as the container with the Pluggerz is just cheap, soft plastic. Hope it recycles. So everything worked out without spending too much. My 13 year old son can probably use the Crescendos - but of course that probably won’t be cool for him!

Bob F.

Nice quality plugs.... wanted to deaden some noise but not everything so these work perfect!

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