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4 Stage Catch Can

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4 Stage Catch Can for External Breather System



Made by DK Custom 

Discrete & Premium Discrete

External Breather Systems

Made in The USA!



  • Black CNC-Machined Aluminum

  • Vented Cap

  • 4 Stage Internal Filtration System

  • 1 Extra O-Ring

  • 1 1/2" Diameter 2 5/8" Tall

  • Hose barb for 3/8" ID hose (same as hose barbs on EBS)

  • Made in the USA!

Hundreds of hours of research and thousands of miles of riding have resulted in this 4 Stage Catch-Can that allows air to pass through but keeps the oil and water in the Catch-Can on typical Harley's.  

See the photo's of the 8 different components that make up the 4 Stage System.  Even with the worst spitters most of the water and oil stays in the Catch-Can!


Designed for the hot, oily, watery, oxygen-depleted air to pass thru the tube, exiting near the bottom.


Most of the oil and water will drop into the low density foam.  The air, and some atomized water and oil hits the first separator, stopping some of the liquid, but allowing the air to continue on through the high density foam.  There are two more separators and two more pieces of high density foam that work at stopping the liquid, but let the air exit the vent holes in the cover.


Periodic emptying of the Catch-Can is easy.  Simply unscrew the can from the lid and dump it.


Cleaning of the foam and separators is not necessary, but easy to do if one wishes.


There is an extra O-Ring included, should the installed O-Ring get lost or damaged.

The EPA has required Harley to route hot, dirty, oily, oxygen depleted crankcase air back into the air cleaner compromising the performance & longevity of your engine. When using an External Breather System, your bike will run better and last longer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
chris Larsen
DK Custom, catch can

Product quality is good. canister size is maybe a little small, and 3/8" inlet is small. Better details available on line would be helpful.

Pierre Raymond
First time order…wow!!!

This was my first order with Motorcycle Innovations! Good price fast delivery and a very impressed client. This is one of my “go to” places now. Note, those hard to find items in Canada, well they have them! Very happy “I will be back”!

Christian P. Morin
An essential centerpiece!

Not all air filters are created equal. The aftermarket one I bought 9 years ago for my 2014 Ultra Limited, starting to deteriorate. After several years, the tightness of the rubber hoses connected to the breather bolts (found inside the air filter) deteriorates and leaks some of the burnt oil. This nauseating odour that rises towards the face of the motorcyclist (caused by the turbulence effect of the batwing) is a strong odour nuisance to any ride. To solve the problem, the breather bolts have been customized to direct the new rubber hoses outside the air filter and channel to the DK Oil Catch Can. The tank was installed just below the oil tank cap. The DK's tank is a remarkable design.

- Small and ergonomic tank;
- Easy to install with a bracket (which I easily customized);
- Environmental protection (oil recovery);
- No oil that spits out on the street, or your drive way or garage;
- The motor and the pistons gave me a high 5 appreciation thank you!

Hats off to the DK team for this very well-built little tank.

Brent Walterhouse
Good quality

Good quality powder coating & internals. Will actually not know how well it works until spring.

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