Stebel Magnum TM80/1 Electric Low Tone Horn- Chrome

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ElectroMagnetic Low Tone Horn in Chrome - TM80/1 Magnum

This horn may be small in size but don't let that fool is loud enough to convince other drivers that there's a large truck barreling down on them. Don't press the horn button in the garage, it hurts! At 136dB running at a low frequency tone of 400Hz, this little sucker will surprise you!

The TM80 Magnum is just slightly larger in trumpet size than the TM80 and gains 3dB, but operates at the same low 400/410Hz.

This electromagnetic horn is an easy swap for the OE tweeter that your vehicle may have, and requires no extra wiring, relay, etc.... simply unplug the old horn and plug this one in as its replacement.

We have provided the low tone version for one simple reason..... the human ear will more readily hear and take notice of lower frequencies..... think large and low truck/train horns..... they run at very low frequencies.

This is NOT a knock-off horn! This is a true STEBEL......... DON'T BE FOOLED BY IMITATIONS!

  • 1 pc Electromagnetic style horn in Chrome
  • Single tone sound at 410Hz and 136dB
  • Compact size for easy installation (4" x 3" x 2 1/2" tall) 3 amps at 12volts - Fits under most stock motorcycle covers or easily bolts into the stock replacement location.
  • Will work with any 12 volt system (car, truck, motorcycle, golf cart, RV, bus, Rhino, Gator, ATV, boat, Hi-Lo, ...)
  • ABS or Metallic ABS (Chrome)

Sold as a single horn.....
Clearance pricing!

To hear the sound file for this horn click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
alfred martin
Not as loud

Thought it would be louder when paired with the high pitch of th horn I have.

David Tomlinson
Great Horn

I installed the TM80 on my 2018 Indian Roadmaster. The OEM horn was a meep meep horn and did not suit the bike. The TM80 does not come with the same connector as the OEM horn so I had to cut the OEM connector off and crimp on connectors that mated with the TM80. It was a relatively easy install with no relay to deal with, and fit well in the same spot as the OEM horn. The TM80 is loud and draws attention. Very good value.

Horn does not work

When tested prior to installation on a known good motorcycle battery. Horn does not work. Initial "pop" then nothing.☹️

Frank Hilliard
Could be very good

I've received the horn in its original packaging but, curiously, the front and back don't snap together properly. They're held together by a bolt that doesn't quite mate the two sides. I still have to fit it to the bike, but this problem off the top surprised me

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