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Skene P3 Lights

This is my second set. The latest version is even better. Highly recommend the latest version. Great light intensity. Delivery was very quick as well.

Robert Chase
Skene P3-TS Lights review

I have just installed the Skene P3-TS Lights and as the older ones, they are awesome. Just as bright and setting them up is easily done by using the brake handle. This is the 2nd set I've had and would never choose any other brand! This is a must have for bikers safety. Drivers stay off your butt and notice you fast! I have found these lights warn rear drivers of your presents and they stay back. If you want to be seen, and avoid tailgaters, These lights will open there eyes making them apply their brakes much sooner! Highly recommend these lights for any one that rides, you WILL be seen!!!

Donald Newton
Better than before

This is my second set. First set continues to work. I didn't like the cheap flimsy wires on them so I used some heatshrink and rtv to protect them.
The new version is super robust and a solid design. Well worth the money. I wish I could dim the running lights a bit more. They are quite bright.

Gislain Dumas
P3 lights

This is my second set of P3 lights. The first set was purchased over 10 years ago for my last bike and still worked great when I sold it and I loved the visibility it gave me so much that I had to get a new set for my new bike. They are still very well made and easy to install and the lights are very bright compared to the cheap noname Chinese products sold on Amazon that me nephew bought. I highly recommend these if you want to be seen from behind!

Rear Brake / Turn Lights

Very bright LEDs! Recommended!

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