Road Glide/Street Glide/Limited Carplay Without WHIM or Flash BOOM GTS

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Anyone else aggravated that Carplay doesn't work on their $25k+ H-D unless they spend tons of money at the dealership?

Scroll down for videos......

This connector will allow Carplay to work without having a flash or whim installed. It is easy to install as well. This is a plug and play install. It is an oem plug that is sealed so there is no chance of water intrusion or shorting out. Some bikes will have to have a stock flash put back on their bike by the dealer. The vast majority will not.

This enables CarPlay on ONLY 2019 - 23 bikes with the GTS radio. It will work on other years only if you have swapped the GTS radio in. This jumper emulates a wired mic which will allow CarPlay to work when you plug in your iPhone! 

These are OE connectors which are completely sealed and require no modification to the bike. They plug right into the whim connector under the fairing.

If the small microphone with an X never shows up and CarPlay still isn't working, make sure screen projection is enabled in the settings of the radio (hit the gear on the home screen and scroll down until you see it) and try a different USB cable.  Will not work along side whim or wired headset.

This is an inexpensive way to get what you should have had from the Get-Go!

Street Glides:

 Fairing Removal video:


Road glides:

 Video on how to remove the fairing:



1) Does this enable voice command through bluetooth helmet headset microphone to Car Play or Android Auto on your phone app? In practice making a WHIM unnecessary?

A: No. This only allows CarPlay to activate without a headset. Doesn’t actually allow a headset to connect to the bike. For that functionality you would have to get a whim.

2)Does the bike require a stock flash?

A: If the dealer changed the whim or CarPlay settings they will have to be flashed back to the oem settings.

3) Why are you selling them for so much...when the dealer can flash your bike (for free) and it will work...mine did...

A: The dealer can no longer flash them to enable CarPlay. Harley took that option away. They updated the Harley-Davidson digital technician software to prevent dealers from enabling Car Play without the whim.


If this jumper does not work when installed, your bike may need to have an OEM calibration flashed on it by the dealer. This does not work in conjunction with the whim module. All bikes are different and as with all electrical components it is impossible to know if it will work on 100% of motorcycles.

 *** This product is intended for off-road use only. All installations are done at their own risk. The seller holds no responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical or other failure when using this product*** HARLEY DAVIDSON MAY HAVE A RADIO UPDATE IN THE FUTURE THAT COULD PREVENT THIS FROM WORKING

Customer Reviews

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Angelo Longo
Great product

Product worked like a charm. Better than spending $$$ at HD dealer

Fast shipping.

José Guerra

Really! It’s a quick unplug the cap and plug in this item. Then you unlock your cell connect and your done! Works great and I’m happy to have my CarPlay back! Thanks Motorcyle Innovations! 😊

Paul C
Happy customer!

5 stars across the board. Great customer service, fast shipping and supper happy with purchase.

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