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Multi use battery box for ETX680/900/900-VNT/1200 or PC680



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The multi-use aluminum battery box is excellent to use with the EarthX lithium batteries for easy installation!

This battery box can be used interchangeably for the EarthX Lithium Battery models ETX680/900/900-vnt/1200 or the Odyssey PC680 with the use of a foam spacers. EarthX calls it the multi-use battery box for this reason.

If you are using the battery box for the EarthX Lithium batteries, you will use a foam spacer on the left and right side of the battery for a snug fit. If you are using the battery box for the PC680, you will use the foam spacer on the backside at the bottom of the case to adjust for the tapering of the case for a snug fit. That easy!

This battery box was engineered to be strong enough to withstand 30 G of force for the EarthX Lithium Batteries or 15 G of force for the PC680 yet only weighs 8.6 ounces or 244 grams. This unique design allows for simple, easy installation with the dimensions: 7.1″ L x 3.1″ W x 6.5-6.6″ (adjustable)H or (180mm x 80mm 166-168mm) and the mounting holes are identical to the existing 4 sided Van’s battery box for the PC680 so no new drilling of holes needed. The holes DO NOT match up if you have the Atlee Dodge battery box. Model number BB-MU.

Included: top front hold down, 2 screws for the hold down, and the battery box

Model number BB-CU
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