MRA VarioTouringScreen Windshield for BMW R1200GS ’13-’18, R1200GS LC Adventure ’14-’19, R1250GS ’19 & R1250GS Adventure ’19


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Richard Ackroyd
Nice screen with reflector/deflector

Easy change over (only requires two screws to take off the OEM windshield, and the same two screws to install the MRA windshield). The MRA windshield came already assembled, with the the spoiler attached. Once intalled, it does deflect more wind over the helmet. On the minus side, the windshield does tend to bounce around a bit more than the original.

Richard A
Easy to fit; looks good

There are no installation instructions included

Windshields are bike-specific; ensure that the correct one for your bike is ordered

However, installation was easy on my 2014 R1200 GS (not the Adventure). There are three screws on each of the two brackets on each side on the back of the stock windshield. Take out the middle screw on each side and the windshield lifts off. Next remove the two remaining screws on each side of the windshield brackets; the brackets on the windshield will come off. Next, remove the rubber grommets from the stock windshield and install them in holes in the MRA shield. Reinstall the brackets on each side of the windshield using the two screws on each side. Next mount the new windshield onto the bike using the two remaining screws. You are finished.

The spoiler on the top of the MRA windshield is already installed, so there is no drilling to do, as there would be if the spoiler alone was purchased.

The spoiler is moveable to six different positions.

Kenneth Wilson
MRA Touring Screen 1200Gs

Excellent Prices offered by Motorcycle Innovations.
Fast and efficient.
Product lives up to its reputation and cuts down turbulence effectively.
Not the first product purchased through MI and won't be the last.

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