Lee Parks Design DeerTours Outseam


Size: Large
Colours: Black
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Well made solid gloves

I ALWAYS wear large and sometimes XL but the size chart indicated medium or small. Small made no sense so went with medium. Turned out to be perfect. The width was a bit tight but the finger length was good. Large would have had too long fingers and small would never have fit. Since these gloves are basically leather gloves with a bit of padding you should be looking for a fairly tight fit. Really well made and super comfortable. Highly recommended.

So Comfortable

My first impression was that they were too small – they look tiny compared to my other gloves. I bought a medium based on the sizing chart (all my other gloves are XL) and had a bit of trouble slipping them on because the wrist opening is tight compared to the palm size. However, once they were on, they were very comfortable if a little tight in the fingers and palm. I decided to keep them and see if they would stretch out a bit. After wearing them over a long weekend, they stretched out and are now sublimely comfortable, more like a pair of dress leather winter gloves than motorcycle gloves. The seam issue that I had on the regular model is completely gone on the Outseam.

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