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The INNOVV PowerHub 2 is a motorcycle power source compatible with any motorcycle. The PowerHub 2 enables you to connect up to 5 bike accessories. Whether it’s a GPS, bike dash camera, auxiliary lights, horns, heated jacket, the INNOVV PowerHub 2 will allow a reliable operation of all your accessories.



  • Simple Design and very small
  • Solid Construction
  • Water Proof
  • Dust Proof
  • Easy Use and Installation

Once fitted this motorcycle power source powers your accessories on 10 seconds after your motorcycle has started. It also shuts them down 10 seconds after you turned the ignition off. This is an important feature as it ensures that there is minimal power drain from your battery when you are starting the bike from cold.

Each output channel carries its own fuse providing protection for both your motorcycle and accessories. Consequently, this power source for any motorbike makes adding accessories safe, reliable and easy.

Safe and secure wiring

The PowerHub 2 has a built-in 10 sec power on/off delay. This is to remove any additional load on cold start and also to ensure that the accessories shut down after the ignition is off. Why is this a feature? Some accessories such as dashcams use this ignition off signal to complete the writing of a video file to the memory. Without this feature the video file would be corrupted and you wouldn’t get that last run down that twisty road to show your friends!

Compact Size


46.2mm x 31mm x 18mm (1.8” x 1.2” x 0.7”)

The PH2 prevents damage to your motorcycle accessories. It’s protecting your bike’s electrical system and your accessories from any power spikes that might be created by switching high power systems or accessories. As well as this, each of the five output channels has its own independent fuse. If one of your accessories develops a problem none of your other accessories or your bike will be shut down. Your bike’s electrical system is safe, and so are all your other accessories.

Easy to install with just 3 wires

Installing this motorcycle power source is easy. With just 3 connections to make, two to the battery and one to an ignition feed you can be up and running next to no time.

  • Ignition trigger– Yellow wire – Connect to switched power source like the tail light or any other connection that is live with the ignition on. This wire sends an electrical signal to switch the PowerHub 2 on and also off.

  • Positive (+) power lead (Input) – Red wire – Connect to the positive terminal on the bike’s battery.

  • Ground (-) (Input) – Black wire – Connect to negative terminal on the bike’s battery.

  • Positive (+) power lead (Output) – 5 Red wires – Connect to the positive lead of one of your accessories, ensure the appropriate size fuse is used. For any output channels (red wires) not used, ensure the fuses are removed to prevent the risk of a short circuit.

  • Ground (-) (Output) – Black wire – Connect to a ground point on the bike such as the frame or engine.

The maximum current that can be drawn through the PowerHub 2 is 20A. Each output channel is rated to 5A max but not on all channels. Out of the box each channel is supplied with a 3A fuse. Total current for all 5 channels must not exceed 20A.

PowerHub 2 Connectors

The PowerHub 2 is supplied with terminals to help you install it and connect it to your bike and also to connect your accessories.

These include:

  • 5 x Posi-lock for the 5 output channels

  • 1 x Posi-tap for the yellow ignition trigger wire

  • 1 x Spade terminal connector for the positive (+) battery connection

  • 1 x Spade terminal connector for negative (-) battery

  • 1 x Spade terminal connector for negative accessory connection to the chassis


Customer Reviews

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Very cool addition

I've used three of these now on different bikes. They're an awesome way to draw power directly from the battery for heated grips and other power users without worrying about overloading some random circuit or setting up relays. I just tap into a running light for the sensed line. Works exactly as advertised and is small enough to tuck away somewhere on any size bike.

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