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Glen King
Does what it's suppose to

I was looking for a device to bring all accessories to one point on my motorcycle. Just bring 12vcd from your battery to this fuzeblock and you have the option to provide switched or non switched 12v to your accessories from one spot. Even has spots to place spare fuses. Works great and no issues. 1800kms on bike since install.

Neil Kavanaugh
Second time buyer

This is the best and easiest way to add accessories without having a huge mess of wires coming off the battery. I bought my first one about 4 years agof for the FJR and it was amazing. When I bought the new ride I knew it needed a FuzeBlock the moment I bought the heated vests, LED lights and tachometer. How else could I possibly manage the pending loom of new wires?
Just wire the red and black to the battery and relay switch wire to the rear tail light and you are set to go. Enjoy

Martin Prud'homme
Works fine terminals finicky

I like the product, it is a very good idea. The small size of the box helps, you should be able to find a spot under the seat. Works well also.
I'm not crazy about the terminals, at least for one of them I had to fix the metal contact, because I unscrewed the screw a few times the small contact plate was difficult to realign. Better insert the wires the right way the first time.

Steven Charlebois

Awesome customer service. Great item!
Anxious to install it on my bike…

Michael McClelland

This is the 3rd or 4th. FuzeBlock that I have bought from Motorcycle Innovations which would indicate that I think very highly of the product and this vendor. I cannot imagine not having a FuzeBlock on a motorcycle as I connect a GPS, heated clothing and a few other things, works so well and is a small package so easy to fit, Motorcycle Innovations has always shipped very quickly at a reasonable price and have been excellent to deal with. I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks

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