FOBO BIKE 2-Truly Bluetooth 5 TPMS For Motorcycles


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Love my Fobo bike 2

Easy to install, great app. No more worries about tire pressure. It’s there at a glance.

FOBO BIKE 2-Truly Bluetooth 5 TPMS For Motorcycles

Dealing with Motorcycle Innovations was simple and efficient. Product was delivered as promised and in great condition.
I’ve yet to install the TPMS onto my 2018 Ultra Limited. I need to change out the rubber valve stems to 90 degree metal ones. I did download the FOBO app without any problems. The app seems pretty straightforward, I don’t foresee any major issues in its use.
The only negative (minor) was that the batteries supplied were nearly dead when tested, fortunately the battery type is pretty common and I can get them pretty much anywhere.

Works great!

Never had TPMS on my motorcycles before but I really think the FOBO 2 was worth the price.

5 Stars

Installed these about a week ago and am very satisfied. Previously I had ruined a tire due to low tire pressure, Now all I have to do is check my phone before each ride.Turning off location services in the app after installation stops all tracking. Motorcycle Innovations was quick. I am very pleased with everything.

Technically amazing, but...

The system was easy to install and set up. The capabilities are impressive.

I can now check my tire pressures every day just by glancing at my phone before I hop on my bike. This is much easier than getting on my knees with a pressure gauge once a month or so. Add the customizeable warning alerts and the temperature and graphing features, and it's quite a system.

Now the bad part. In order for the system to work on your smart phone, (or similar device), you MUST register online and create an account that is kept on the FOMO servers. You must also give the app full access to the phone's GPS.. This allows them to track you. In the app's terms of use, they state that all data they receive from you is anonymous. I'm going to continue using the system, but the tracking part makes me a bit uncomfortable. That's why I only left four stars.

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