ELFR-1-H Electronic LED Flasher Relay 4-Pin Honda

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  • Maintains OEM Blinker flash rate for a wide range of LED and non-LED blinkers.

  • Plug and play connectivity with OEM connector (see compatibility list).

  • Recommended accessory for Custom LED Integrated LED Tail Lights.

  • Near zero initial turn-on delay (other LED relays delay when signals are first engaged).

  • 1-year Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee.


Now you can finally fix the flash rate on your motorcycle with our unique Plug And Play solution! That's right, our Electronic LED Flasher relay directly replaces the stock flasher relay on some Honda motorcycles by plugging directly into the harness in place of the OEM flasher relay! See the compatibility list.

This unit is guaranteed to operate at the normal DOT blink rate for compatible motorcycles with stock blinkers, LED blinkers, or any combination of both, provided the total load on the system is within 0.05A to 10A (0.6 Watts to 120 Watts!) - which basically covers the majority of blinker products on the market!

Your motorcycle must have a rectified standard 12VDC system for this flasher relay to work (most bikes are 12VDC).

This list will determine if your motorcycle harness is known to be Plug-And-Play with our ELFR-1-H Flasher Relay! If your bike is not on the list, it may or may not be plug-and-play. Please visually compare the flasher relay connector on your motorcycle to confirm. The compatibility list below is arranged by engine displacement. If there is no year designation for your bike, that means it fits all years.

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