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Richard Bera
Small Package, Big Punch

This is my second EarthX lithium battery, having had one in a previous Honda ST1300. I am always amazed at how so much energy can be packed into such a small, light-weight package. The present EarthX 18B is installed in a 2012 Yamaha FJR1300. The battery box on the FJR is somewhat bigger than the EarthX battery. I needed to add some foam padding -supplied- to the battery to keep it from rattling around, and also to use terminal extensions -also supplied- to fit the cable configuration. This took all of a few minutes. The hardest part was in removing the heavy, old lead-acid battery as it was wedged pretty securely in the battery box! The new EarthX saves a ton of weight - well, at only 2.2 pounds it seems that way - and also cranks and fires up the FJR's 1300cc engine very robustly.

mark r shukla
Lithium Battery

the battery really wakes up the bike. It turns over much faster than any lead acid I have ever used. The weight is amazing I thought I was shioped an empty box lol.

EarthX ETX18B battery

outstanding battery, worth every dollar. very quick shipping by MI

Very Good Experience

Fair price considering the current exchange rate. Fast shipping. Overall this was a very good experience.

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