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Dual-Cool Oil Cooler for 2009-Up Touring Models Incl. Twin Cooled M8s



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Dual-Cool Oil Cooler for 2009-Up Touring Models Incl. Twin Cooled M8s

At Motorcycle Innovations we always look for products that are unique and innovative, and often stress Function over Form. With this in mind we carry many of the quality products from DK Custom that serve this purpose. We support two fundamental and functional aims when it comes to making your Harley Davidson last!



FIRST - Cool Down your Ride!

These are the ways to do that!


  • Gas Tank Lift

  • Cooling Deflector Wings

  • Oil Filter Relocation 

  • Permanent Oil Filter

  • Oil Cooler


SECOND - Smart Performance Mods

Combine the following mods on your H-D for Improved Performance You Can Feel!


  • Outlaw HiFlow Air Cleaner

  • External Breather System

  • Tuner

  • Free Flowing Exhaust(Modified Stock OR Aftermarket)

  • Thunder Torque Inserts™

  • Gas Tank Lift

  • Cooling Deflector Wings

  • Oil Filter Relocation Kit

  • Permanent Performance Oil Filter

  • Oil Cooler

Now..... on to the Dual-Cool Oil Cooler !



An Oil Cooler That Fits the

Waterhead Twin Cam



Fits All HD Touring & Trike Models

(Including 2017 M8 Models)

Made in The USA!



  • Air from the Vent in the Lower is forced over the Oil Cooler

  • Patent Pending Dual Cool Bracket Channels Air across the Cylinder Fins

  • Black Powder Coated Finish

  • Fits ALL HD Touring Models with Lowers (including Twin Cooled)

  • Can be used as a Secondary Oil Cooler if you already have a Factory Oil Cooler

  • Utilizes an Included Jagg Deluxe Oil Cooler w/ HyperFlow Technology

  • Includes Black Braided Hose and 4 Black Hose Finisher Clamps

  • Complete Dual Cool Oil Cooler w/ Everything supplied for an E-Z BOLT-ON INSTALL*

  • Step-by-Step Instruction Included


 Cooler Motors Run Stronger, Last Longer, & are More Comfortable 


  • The Dual Cool Oil Cooler fits directly behind the Vent in the left-side Lower.  This forces a strong flow of air through the Oil Cooler, resulting in superior heat dissipation.

  • The Patent Pending Dual Cool Bracket catches swirling air and channels it through Two Angle-Cut Holes, forcing two powerful streams of air directly over the front and rear cylinder fins. 

  • The net result of this Dual-Cool System is a significant drop in oil AND engine temperatures.

  • This System can be used on all HD Touring Models that have Fairing Lowers (both air-cooled & Twin-Cooled).  It is recommended to be used in conjunction with a Oil Filter Relocation Kit, which you can see HERE.

  • If you have a Twin-Cooled Touring Model, the traditional space for an oil cooler is taken up by the water pump.  While the head temperatures run cooler on a Twin-Cooled, the oil temperatures run even hotter on the Twin-Cooled than the air cooled.  Part of the reason for this is the higher compression. The Dual-Cool Oil Cooler System solves this design deficiency.

  • If you have an air cooled Touring Model with Lowers, you probably already have a low mount oil cooler. The Dual-Cool Oil Cooler System is designed to work with that oil cooler, giving you even more cooling power to control the EPA mandated extreme temperatures the Twin Cam Motor is subjected to.   


Fitment:  Fits all Harley Touring Models - Recommended for Bikes & Trikes with Fairing Lowers.

Including 2017 Milwaukee-Eight Models

On Twin-Cooled models the Oil Cooler will fit with Mighty-Mite Fans, it will not fit with Cool Masters.  The Oil Filter Relocation will fit with Cool-Masters.

*The Dual-Cool Oil Cooler blocks easy access to the oil filter.  It is recommended that the Cool-n-Clean Oil Filter Relocation Kit is used in conjunction with it.  You can see it HERE.  

In the absence of using the CnC Oil Filter Relocation Kit, you will need either some sort of Oil Filter Relocation Kit, or already have a low-mount oil cooler installed to connect the Dual-Cool to.

These options are already included in this kit:

  • Black Braided Fiber Hose

  • 4 Black Hose Finishers

 Why did DK build The Dual-Cool Oil Cooler?

Cooler running engines produce more power, last longer, & are more comfortable to ride.

The Twin-Cooled Twin Cam runs hotter cams than previous 103's.  It also has higher compression. The Twin Cam motor sprays oil up at the bottom of the piston to cool it off.  This greatly increases the heat of the oil, and subsequently the engine.  While the heads are liquid cooled, the rest of the engine runs hotter than previous 103's, which were already very hot.

On top of that, all other 103's have oil coolers from the factory.  With the Twin-Cooled the water pump takes the space where HD normally put the oil cooler, so they did not put one on. 

In their tests with the Dual Cool Oil Cooler set-up & the CnC relocated Oil Filter, oil temperatures were consistently 30-34 degrees cooler, and head temperature on the Twin Cool was 5-7 degrees cooler, and 20-30 degrees cooler head temps on air cooled TC's. 

Dual-Cool Oil Cooler Instructions

Patent Pending

 "I could not be more happy with how my Twin Cam runs with the Dual-Cool Oil Cooler and Clean-n-Cool Oil Filter Relocation.  Temps are down, it is running strong and I have peace of mind that the engine will last a good long time."

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