DENALI PowerHub2 fuse block, master ground block and wiring harness for motorcycles

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The PowerHub2 Power Distribution Module allows you to safely connect up to six electronic devices to your vehicle in a clean, professional manner by consolidating all the battery connections and fuses into one compact housing. It features six fused accessory circuits with both positive and negative terminals. Each circuit is rated for up to 15 Amps while the whole PowerHub unit is rated up to 30 Amps. The six outputs can be individually set as "always on" or "switched" which will turn your accessories on/off with the ignition of the motorcycle. 


  • Safely and cleanly connect six accessories to your vehicle

  • Consolidates all accessory wiring into one central hub

  • Provides easy access to vehicle power

  • Choice between switched and constant power

  • Replaceable 30 amp Tyco/Bosch micro relay

  • Water-resistant

  • Compact durable housing

  • CANbus compatible


  • Dimensions: L 3" x W 4" x H 1"

  • 6 circuits can handle up to 15 Amps each

  • Whole unit can handle up to 30 Amps 

  • 60 inch long, 10 gauge power leads with ring terminals

What's in the Box:

  • PowerHub2 Power Distribution Module

  • (x2) Ring terminals

  • (x1) Posi-Tap

  • (x1) Adhesive hook and loop pad

Note: Mini ATM fuses are not included. An assortment of mini ATM fuses are available at most automotive stores or at Canadian Tire.

How do I convert watts to amps? Amps to watts? Watts = Volts x Amps. Most motorcycles run at 12 Volts, so the equation becomes Watts = 12 x Amps. Amps = Watts/12. Use this calculator to help convert watts to amps (or amps to watts). Fill in any 2 fields and hit submit for the result. Power is measured in watts. Current is measured in amps. Fuses are rated in amps. Accessories generally give their power or current rating.

We found this table handy with our own wiring projects; use it as a guide for sizing accessory wire on your motorcycle. When on the border line, always use a lower gauge number (larger wire) than specified in this chart.

Customer Reviews

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Barry Malech
Works exactly as expected.

Set up the heated grips, aux lighting, phone quick charge holder, and Battery tender. Have two extra sports for potential extras. The box is a tight fit to get all wires in, but with patience, it can be done. The area under the seat is no longer a nightmare of extra wires and random fuses. Will see how it works over long trips, but first impressions ... excellent.

James Bellemore
Amazing piece of hardware.

I had so many things running off a direct battery connect I was going to have to buy longer terminal bolts. This solved all my issues I now have only two things on the battery, the bike power and the Denali. Well worth money! Definitely recommend this for accessories.

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