DENALI DM 2.0 TriOptic LED Light Kit with DataDim Technology


Denali DM 2.0 TriOptic Amber lenses: No Thanks
Upgrade to Dual Intensity: DataDim Dual Density Controller
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Sanmig Laurel
Great Product

Exactly what I was looking for.
Small but packs a big punch.
Pretty easy to install.

Ben Nolin
Stacked DMs

I love these lights. Bought 1 set and loved them so I picked up a second to stack in pairs using the supplied bracket and mounted them on the forks hooked up to my high-beam. The switch that comes with harness was rather budget/ugly/useless so Id recommend wiring in something more substantial and versatile, I used a PM-50 dual barswitch (avail here as well). I run two fog and or two focused lenses. Just ordered the amber lenses. Awesome.

IMO these little DMs are an invaluable upgrade that not only burn a hole in the empty dark roads ahead but also helps people see you coming during the day. Owned these for about 5 years now, no issues, blindingly bright at night, very impressed.

Denali kit.

Nice kit. Should help other drivers see me, and improve night illumination (not tested at night yet). Handlebar switch mount could be better, switch spinning on the handlebar, clamp only held on with two self-tapping phillips screws, but I made it work with a small piece of rubber between the clamp & handlebar.

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