BMW R1200RT (13- ) Clear Headlight Covers

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Lamin-x Clear Headlight Film Covers for your BMW R1200RT ( 2014 -  ) are designed to protect your motorcycle lighting. These high-quality clear film overlays are completely invisible and transparent when applied and cured.

Their driving light films are made from impact-resistant 12 mil protective film with adhesive-backing to protect your lights from cloudiness that occurs over time and road debris. The adhesive on their films are designed to be extremely forgiving. You can apply numerous times during initial application to get the installation right.


Transparent protection film that adheres onto your lens covers

Protects against hazing, cloudiness, or damage

Precut for both sides of your specific bike

Includes DIY tools and installation instructions

Made in USA, 5-year warranty, industry-leading product


Motorcycle Headlight Film Covers

Your motorcycle needs just as much protection as your car. Traveling on two wheels doesn't make you immune to road abuse. Lamin-x motorcycle headlight film eliminates damage done to your motorcycle headlights from sandblasting and gravel. Headlights aren't the only part of a motorcycle that needs protecting, consider their Motorcycle Paint Protection, Tank Guard or Side Bag Cover for even more protection for your motorcycle.You want to make modifications to your motorcycle and make it your own. One great modification you can make is adding Lamin-x motorcycle headlight film.

Customer Reviews

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Cut was nearly one full inch off

Disappointed in quality of cut. Thickness of material and quality of adhesive very good. But because of poor quality cut it was impossible to apply to my expectations, ended up removing and trashing in total frustration. I would note that I have applied similar product in past on other projects but the numerous curves on the RT headlight was very difficult. If you buy bring it to a pro and pray to the gods of the compound curve,

Andre Picard
Great Product

The installation can be tricky. A video showing an experienced installer demonstrating a good way to do it would definitely help those of us who don't do that kind of installation on a regular basis. Just a thought.

Pierre Laliberte
Good quality product

Overall a good quality product but the fit could be better.

Patrick Renaud
Application and Finish Great

Previous attempts to apply film to various surfaces were disasters. This film applied to headlight and signal lights very easily and successfully with no blemishes. This is an excellent product.

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