FOBO BIKE 2 - BT5 TPMS For Motorcycles

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FOBO Bike 2 is a SMART tire pressure monitoring system for every biker.

* View on demand tire pressure & temperature
* Monitors tire pressure in real time while riding or when in Bluetooth range
* Detects slow or fast leak and alerts users to anomalies
* Sends instant audio, haptic and text alerts on a smartphone/smartwatch/Bluetooth headset
* Easy install on any motorcycle without running wires, drilling holes, and tedious programming

Can be purchased in either Silver or Black and we also highly recommend the optional T valves for ease of air pressure adjustments and accessibility. Choose your colour options from the drop down above!

Built with high quality automotive grade components and materials, the FOBO Bike 2 TPMS sensor is aesthetically designed to be 50% smaller and 25% lighter compared to its previous version.





Can you tell with naked eyes which tire below is under-inflated? A tire can be under-inflated by as much as 20 per cent and still look fine. For a safe ride, it is important not to eyeball or guess if tires have enough air. With FOBO Bike 2, you will be alerted the moment you get in Bluetooth range with the tires if the pressure has dropped below the thresholds you set. You can also view the tire pressure on your smartphone or smartwatch without bending your knees or getting your hands dirty or even when you are riding.

Can be purchased in either Silver or Black and we also highly recommend the optional T valves for ease of air pressure adjustments and accessibility. Choose your colour options from the drop down above!

To download the User Manual for more detailed info please click HERE

A slow leak is usually difficult to detect and it may get you stranded in rural areas. FOBO Bike 2 reads tire pressure in fine resolution and analyses the readings with its proprietary algorithm. Upon detection of a slow leak, it will immediately alert the user.

When there is a considerable change of tire pressure over a short duration(in seconds), FOBO Bike 2 determines this as a fast leak and immediately sends out alerts.

Optimal tire pressure is critical for optimal tire performance and road safety, especially while we are riding on motorcycles. Low tire pressure can lead to tire blowout or ineffective breaking or manoeuvre. With FOBO Bike 2, you can know in real time as it constantly reads the tire pressure and compares against user set thresholds. When there is a breach of thresholds, it immediately sends alerts via Bluetooth to smart devices so that you can take remedial actions.

If you own more than one motorcycles, having to individually check the tire pressure is a dreadful chore. Some valves are hard to get to without bending down or getting your knees dirty. Would it be nice if you can just whip out your smartphone and have all the tire pressure readings in seconds? You can view all your motorcycles tire pressure and temperature in one app, up to 19 wheels. Moreover, you get an alert if there is a breach of threshold when you are in Bluetooth range.

This feature let riders form a group ride with a planned destination, date and time. During the group ride, riders can know the tire pressure status and the relative locations of one another in the Map View. If you find that your riding peer is missing and see a tire pressure alert insignia by his bike profile, you know that he may be stranded at the location on the Map View and may use your help. This is useful when cellular phone signal is not available to call for help.

Sometimes folks loan their bikes to friends and it would be nice if they can be assured of riding with optimal tire pressure. FOBO Share, a patented function, allows your friends (Sharee) to use your motorcycle and the installed FOBO Bike 2 with their very own smartphones; this can be done for up to 100 other friends with qualified smartphones. Just download the FOBO Bike 2 App and send a “key”/ “request” to you who will grant permission to use FOBO Bike 2 with just a click. Sharing has never been easier!!

Ever wonder if your loved one is riding with an optimal tire pressure? When FOBO Share is in use, the owner can view the tire pressures on his or her very own smartphone even when the Sharee is riding far away. Likewise, when the owner is riding far away on the motorcycle, the Sharee can view the tire pressures on his or her very own phone. This is done through FOBO's patented technology.

The patented CrossPair technology enables a seamless swap from one smart device to another to monitor FOBO Bike 2. This feature is useful when changing to a new phone or just simply swapping to a different phone. All installed FOBO Bike 2 profiles will be transferred to the new device, without the need to individually pair and install again.

The first level of deterrent is done with proprietary nuts and wrench. In the event that the sensor is still stolen, it cannot be installed again. This second level of deterrent removes the economic value of the sensor. For ownership transfer, the original owner must release the sensors from his profile using the app.


Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Andrew Clipstone

This item was a gift so not sure if it works but delivered quickly with no problems

Juan Escobar
Great product

Second set. First set lasted many years. Finally the battery connection in one broke. Five stars also for Motorcycle Innovations. Great service. Have purchased a few products from them now. They have products you can't find anywhere else in Canada.

Ray Jaszcza
tire monitor

This will be a massive time saver,just check the pressures on my phone instead of sticking the guage between the spokes,not to mention instant alert for prssure loss.

Scott Banman
Quality Product

Everything about these show Fobo is concerned about putting out a quality product. The little details like batteries included plus another replacement pair. And Maxells, not some cheapo brand with asian symbols that last god only knows how long. Spare lock nuts, spare lock nut key, 2 new valve stems for your tubeless rims should you need them. All of this gives me confidence about the things I can’t see, like the pressure and temperature accuracy of the tpms and the bluetooth connectivity.
I’m running a pair on my Tiger 800xcx tubed tires and my wifes tubeless Rebel 1100. No issues with caliper clearances on those bikes but I have also not installed T-valves. Note that T-valves replace your tubeless valve stems so you can’t use them on tubed rims. They’re pretty easy to remove for airing up so I chose not to run t-valves on the Rebel either.
So far they’ve worked seamlessly and Bluetooth connectivity has been excellent. Pressures are measured down to .2 lbs.
Interesting to see how much pressures fluctuate with temperature.

Richard Beaudoin
Fobo bike 2 tps

Received well packaged and quick as usual from MI.
Work well and easy install.

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