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Designed for Enduro and touring adventure riders, the Trail 3 L Motorcycle Fuel Bladder is the ideal medium to carry extra fuel.

Suitable for the top of panniers, top boxes or where space is at a premium. Compact enough to fit into most hydro packs.

Trial 3L fuel bladder features:

  • Daisy chains and D-Rings allow the cell to be strapped in almost any position.

  • Strong, lightweight and easy to store when not required, leaving you with more space when it is needed most.

  • 3 L capacity,    Width 24 cm x 40 cm Length

  • Weight when empty 300g

  • Supplied with a fuel spout that stores inside a dust-proof integrated pouch.

  • D rings and daisy chains are suitable for use with tie downs, Bungee cords or ROK straps.

  • Also suitable for water, provided that the cell has not been used for fuel before.

So why Desert Fox fuel bladders? One customer was concerned about it being a flexible polyethylene construction vs maybe rubber.... so I asked the owner of Desert Fox to comment:

Hello Matt

The Desert Fox Cell comprises a three layer construction of various polymers, fused under pressure into a single layer .

It is by no means a simple polyethylene construction.

My background is one of a chemical engineer and it took  almost 2 years to achieve this tri-composite construction.

Benefits of it are:

1. Lightweight

2. Flexible

3. Suitable for high ethanol fuels . We have tested it with Ethanol up to an assay of 99.9 %

3. Many  hydrocarbons have a high aromatic value making them easily detectable by smell and we were mindful of this in the development of the cell i.e  one must not be able to smell fuel when the cell is full.

A rubberised cell will not be able to fulfill all these criteria . Moreso  rubber will deteriorate in time when exposed to hydrocarbons.

I suspect the perception is that a rubberised cell is tougher, being heavier in weight. This does not necessarily imply longevity however.


If it is any consolation I am still using the same 6l cell for 8 years. It has been right through Africa en -route to Mongolia as well as on other trips through the Himalayas, Myanmar , Laos , Cambodia , Siberia &  both sides of the Hindu Kush etc

It is a permanent fixture on my bike, but then I am biased! ;-)


Best Regards

Harold Pienaar


The Desert Fox Gas Bag is intended only for the temporary transport of liquid hydrocarbons for racing vehicles used in professional off road and closed course competition racing events only. The Gas Bag is not a portable or long-term fuel storage container as described by ASTM, EPA, ARB or other state or federal agencies. By purchasing and filling this product with fuel, you agree that you have been trained in the safe handling of racing fuels; you agree that you will use the product for its designed and intended purpose; you assume all responsibility for the proper safe use of this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Christopher Soper
Great Product

Well made and fast shipping. Will be necessary for our cross Labrador tour👍🏻👍🏻

Marcie L.
Desert Fox 3L gas bag

Didn’t realize this bag is also food safe for water, though obviously if you use it for fuel you’ll not want to switch back for potable water. Honestly haven’t used it yet, though looks like it’s ready for the task

Sylvain Mailloux
Super product but...

The bag itself is a super idea. A lot of ways to attach it to the bike. Discreet, people don’t really know what’s in the bag. Easy to fill but…to fill your bike from the bag is another story. The way they stored the funnel it’s ok but the funnel gets squeezed and it hard to screw it on the bag because it is deformed. They should have a hard plastic connection. I had to fill my tank directly from the bag. I will try to find a funnel that fits somehow.

Claude Levesque

Had the chance to talk to the owner, he’s a passionate, fast service. MERCI

Todd Fyfe
Desert Fox Fuel bag

Great product.
Bomber construction quality.
Great tie down details.

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