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Works great and delivery was perfect, always a pleasure to order from Motorcycle Innovations, thank you

Very Good Device for BMW Bike Owners

This WiFi version of the GS-911 BMW motorcycle ODB2 diagnostic tool is excellent. They’ve done a great job making a web interface for the software, so it works seamlessly across Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android devices.

This would be the ultimate BMW bike diagnostic tool to take on road except for one significant flaw: the device is powered exclusively via the ODB port, and it wants at minimum of 12.0 volts at all times. It flashes you warnings when below 12.5V, and simply will not function below 12. With the engine not running and making a healthy charge, you have very little time with the bike’s ignition on to use this device before it hits that ‘hard-deck’ of 12 volts and shuts off. When you’re out on the road and trying to diagnose something that is preventing your engine from running, this device will be useless if you don’t catch the problem within the first couple minutes - IF your battery is already super healthy. If your battery is a bit old or discharged, you may be out of luck using this tool.

The software is written very well to give you all the main diagnostics and a few settings for BMW Motorcycles. However, when I posted my happy purchase about this device on a BMW forum, several people said that ODB2 scanners at a fraction of this price do the same thing. I doubt a cheap diagnostic tool would do some of the BMW specific things, but I don’t know.

All that said, it is a well made item with good software behind it.

As for Motorcycle Innovations, as always their service was top notch and fast. I had an issue with my order which they immediately and smoothly rectified upon request. They are great to deal with!

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