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Francis Mairet
Great addition to my 1200GS

The X-Head set is easy to install, fits perfectly and look fantastic on my bike. Motorcycle Innovations is one of the best supplier I have worked with. The shipping was super fast.

Jamie Cox
X head covers

Great product . Motorcycle innovations is excellent to deal with

Stephane Dufour
X Head Xcellent....

X head fit and look good OEM quality. Also Motorcycle Innovations shipped quickly. A+

Brian Grohs
Easy install and good fit

Installed on my 2018 GSA. Had to remove the OEM crash bars to install, all in about 1 hour to do both sides.
I also had to remove the rubber bumpers that are inside of the crash bars to provide adequate clearance between the bars and the heads.

I don't believe this will be an issue as the X-Head has a built in rubber impact absorbing liner.

Instructions were clear, fit and finish are good. Hopefully I'll never need the impact protection they provide

Hope NOT to test these any time soon...

My old GSA had engine bars and cylinder guards. My new GS has neither. I’ve seen ads for these in various BMW bike mags. After reading lots of reviews and watching lots of videos, I decided to get them.

Easy on, about ten minutes per side once you start. Perfect fit, like other MaM stuff. Very clear instructions, and they do a great video to show installation, and a drop test on their website. (There are other good videos too - search YouTube.)
One thing to note, the kit includes a longer cylinder cover bolt to replace the one you take off. The torque specs apparently are critical for that bolt - only about 8 Nm, which is not very tight at all -like finger-tight
Again, thanks Motorcycle Innovations for carrying these. Fair pricing, fast shipping. Appreciate not having to order from across the border.

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