Mo-Door Garage Door Opener


Switch options: Simple Push Button 18"
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MO Door SPB... Simple push button

I just mounted the opener with the simple push button. It was my experience that you should upgrade to the better style button. This button is very flimsy. The back broke off when I was trying to tighten it up. It will probably come loose so I used red thread locker to prevent it from coming off. I used my opener on a KLR so there's going to be vibration. Spend the extra few bucks and get the better switch. Trust me I think you'll be happier. The opener itself works flawlessly. Programming was very easy. Just follow the instructions. Make sure you have a learn button on your door opener. I have two doors, one didn't have the learn button so I can't use it on that door. Oh well... I love the product, works every time. Only thing I would do differently is upgrade to the different switch.

Stealth garage opener

Mounted the main box (which is quite small) under some plastic trim. Put the “Micro” button on left fairing just under my handlebar. No need to stop on the way up the driveway.
Programming was easy and worked first time.

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