BMW K1600 Tank Grips Pannier Covers Combo Kit Snake Skin Tank Grip Pads

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This Combo Kit Includes:

1. Tank Grips:

Premier Product: TechSpec’s Snake Skin Motorcycle Tank Grip Accessories is THE “Premier Product”. Measuring @ .125” thin. With these rubber padding properties, you will feel a positive grip into your tank and less pressure on your wrists, elbows and shoulders. Excellent product for all riders and uses TS's personal "Releasable Adhesive." This is a 5 piece kit.
2. Pannier Covers: TS have broadened their horizons and have come out with Gripster Pannier Covers. Durable/Tuff synthetic rubber. Won't tear! Reduces ugly kick and scuff marks. Adds style! Protects from gravel/road debris. Removable/Releasable Adhesive. This is an 2 piece kit.

All Techspec options feature a "Releasable Adhesive" allowing you to remove and reuse without leaving icky sticky goo behind.

Includes left, right and center sheets.

Snake Skin: The most popular tank grip pad with a low profile black diamond pattern. Allows for added grip on your tank to alleviate pressure on the wrists, elbows and shoulders.

TechSpec’s Snake Skin Motorcycle Tank Grip Accessories is the “Premier Product”.
Measuring @ .125” thin.

You will feel the difference the minute you throw your leg over and take a seat, improving the relationship between you and your machine! Squeeze it, Grip it, Rip it!! Squeeze your tank and feel what solid seat position is and does for you.

Will assist in reduction of vibration, increase in control, and increase in comfort.


Increase/maintain control of weight/body position
Eliminate sliding
Improve riding style
Decrease body fatigue
Improve weight adjustment
Protect tank from abuse
Improve re-sale value
Remove and re-use
Customize for functionality as well as creativity
Provide benefits of grip material without damaging leathers

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