Fuzeblock FZ1 wiring harness

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FZ Wiring Kit - 5 Foot Harness

Partially assembled for super easy installation. No crimping required and a Posi-Tap is included to make tapping your switched wire input a breeze with no damage to your wiring. To install the harness simply cut the wires to the desired length, add the cable harness webbing and zip tie the harness into place.

Fuzeblock has made it very easy to install in a complete solution with the least amount of effort.


Wiring Harness Installation Instructions

Packing List:
1 12GA 6FT Black wire with ring terminal
1 12GA 6FT Red wire with ring terminal and 30A inline fuse holder 1 18GA 6FT Yellow wire with 3A inline fuse holder
1 6FT wire harness braiding
1 Posi-Tap

Connect the FZW-1 wiring harness using this diagram as reference. Be sure to use the braiding including for the wiring harness as much as possible to protect the wiring from rubbing against any sharp surfaces that may possibly cause a short or wear and tear on the wiring.

J1 Connections on FZ-1 Fuzeblock
+12V: Red wire to positive terminal of battery
+VT: Yellow wire to Posi-Tap to +12V switched wire GND: Black wire to negative terminal of battery

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Gordon Keen
Fuzeblock FZ1 and wiring harness.

Very happy with Fuzeblock. Easy install. Wiring harness was a bit pricy for what it is but ot did make the install easy. Fast service. Had the parts in days.

Good quality, little high on price

The wiring harness is well put together but could be a bit on the lower price side
I did have a choice and I chose to purchase it. Glad I did as it makes the install easier. I still highly recommend it.

Kevin T
Second Fuzeblock

I decided to go with the FZ1 again for my new motorcycle because of its all in one design and simple installation procedure.

Great product

Easy install, neat and tidy, fits in small space. Good service too.

Earl Wyllie
Easy Install

Fuzeblock is simple to install and small enough to fit neatly under the seat on CB500x. Great way to add accessory power without worrying about warranty issues or trying to find obscure Honda connectors. Wiring harness was maybe a bit overkill but made the process pain-free.

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