MRA X-Creen Sport Add-On Variable Windscreen Spoiler Blade (bolt-on and clamp-on hardware included)



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MRA X-creen Sport Add-On Variable Windscreen Spoiler Blade is an ideal size for small scooters and sportbikes. This spoiler is available to fit most original motorcycle windshields to act as an adjustable wind deflector that will be set to redirect the air flow just the way you want it, and reduce turbulence that creates helmet buffeting. The balancing of wind pressures in front and behind spoiler create less turbulent air flow over the rider.

Available in clear or light smoke.

If you have a larger bike and would like the taller spoiler blade please order MRA.XCA/XCC

This spoiler is height and angle adjustable using double-jointed mounting arms.

Dimensions: approximately 10" wide x 4" tall.

This spoiler is height and angle adjustable using double-jointed mounting arms. Using the included hardware, the X-Creen Sport can either be temporarily attached using a removable clamp, or permanently bolted onto your windscreen. Note: Permanent bolt-on hardware requires that the screen be drilled using the included template for installation.

Included in the kit:
  • Spoiler Blade
  • Pivot Arm
  • Bolt-on Mounting Hardware
  • Clamp-on Mounting Hardware

Please note: The MRA X-creen Variable Windscreen Spoiler Blades are NOT returnable once the original factory packaging has been opened.

Fit on particular original windscreens is NOT guaranteed. If you wish to have a windscreen with a preinstalled VarioTouring Extension Spoiler, please see bike specific X-creens that fit your model.

Motorcycle Innovations is not responsible for any damage to an original windscreen resulting from use or installation of this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stewart Goodfellow

A very well made product, used on a CanAm Spyder F3S with the stock Blue Ridge screen and make a huge difference with wind buffeting. I am 5’7” and this works. CHEERS

Brett j Moro
It's nice not getting ripped off...!

Hard to get parts, payed much less for them than anywhere else in Canada/North Amearica and it always shows up on time. Took the time to answer my questions. Strongly recommend them.

Raymond Brais

Still looking for the sweet spot but I can already see a difference

Don Wilson
MRA X-creen

worked as hoped

Reduces fatigue for longer rides

Figured I'd try this instead of taking the chance on an entirely new windshield. Works well on my 2001 FZ1, attached to a Puig touring windshield. Reduces fatigue by spreading the wind pressure out evenly across the body and head, even at higher speeds. It's not any quieter for me, but there is no buffeting so that's a plus.

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